Phil Calzavara

Engineer & Data Scientist

I'm Phil, a dedicated engineer and data scientist, founder of dreamstories. - a platform for crafting high-quality, personalized stories with tailored illustrations.

Previously, I was a Data Scientist at Uber and first Data Scientist at kencko.

I hold degrees in Computer Science & Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan and in Data Science from Polytechnic University of Madrid in Spain.

Working with companies of various sizes has given me a global perspective. Additionally, I am fluent in four languages and proficient in Python, SQL, and JavaScript.

September 2023

dreamstories. is a unique platform for creating high-quality personalized stories, tailored to each individual and shipped directly to your home.

As the solo founder, I build the AI models that make each story unique, complemented by leadership in marketing and product development.

dreamstories. represents a novel intersection between art and data science, offering an immersive experience where you become the hero of your stories!

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March 2022

At Uber, I designed data-driven payment systems that ensured seamless transactions for millions of daily trips.

I conducted experiments on products affecting over 20 million daily trips, contributing to more than $10 million in combined annual gross bookings.

Furthermore, I developed advanced data pipelines to track user experiences with Uber's products, specifically on Uber Rides and Eats.

A screenshot of Uber's app
Sept 2019

At kencko, as the first Data Scientist and early employee, I established the data architecture, created ETL pipelines and implemented BI tools.

During my tenure, I offered strategic insights to the CEO and CBO, playing a role in raising $10 million in Series A funding, a milestone featured on Tech Crunch.

I also designed and maintained the most strategic KPIs, measuring the acquisition and retention of subscribers.

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Feb 2019

At Geoblink, I utilized geolocated datasets to build Machine Learning models predicting the unemployment rate and disposable income of Spanish households.

Additionally, I built ETL pipelines on Airflow to fetch, transform, and store data, contributing to model development.

This work earned me the highest grade at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and constituted a significant portion of my Master's thesis.

A screenshot of Geoblink, a location intelligence tool