Phil Calzavara

Engineer and Data Scientist

My name is Phil, and I'm an Engineer and Data Scientist. I'm currently a DS at Uber, where I work with the Payments team in Amsterdam to make the user experience magically frictionless.

Before joining Uber, I was an early employee at kencko. During my tenure, I built and owned the company's data stack and helped grow the business.

I majored in C.S. & Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan and Data Science at the PoliƩcnica de Madrid in Spain.

I've lived in 5 countries in 5 years. I speak four languages, and I'm fluent in SQL, Python, and Java. My favorite podcast is Masters of Scale by Red Hoffman.

Uber App
March 2022

At Uber, I help stakeholders design products around payments and measure their success using causal inference.

I'm the Data Scientist for Uber Wallet, the part of the app where rides and eaters manage payment methods.

We aim to ensure users can book a trip or order food and pay seamlessly through the app. Making the payment onboarding experience frictionless is crucial to this extent.

Sept 2019

At kencko, I built and owned the data stack, ETL pipelines, and our BI tools, including Looker and numerous dashboards.

I was also in charge of designing and maintaining the most strategic KPIs measuring acquisition and retention of subscribers.

During my tenure, I've assisted the CEO with strategic data that helped secure $10M in Series A funding featured on Tech Crunch.

Feb 2019

At Geoblink I built machine learning models to estimate the unemployment in Spain and the disposable income of Spanish households at a high level of granularity.

The project included the design of ETL pipelines on Airflow for fetching, transforming, and storing data in an S3 bucket and model development.

My work was awarded the highest grade at the PoliƩcnica de Madrid as part of my Master's thesis.